About us

What is Caring Creatures?

Caring Creatures was sparked by curiosity and a drive to make a positive difference. Drawing inspiration from the UK's national animals — Lions, Unicorns, and Dragons — our pixelated digital creations form the heart of our brand. Our mission is to support meaningful causes across the UK by offering quality, conscious apparel. Every item you purchase not only supports charities, but also champions a brand dedicated to contributing positively to society.

The founder

Who is behind this project?

Carlos, the 23 year old founder of Caring Creatures, is an Ecuadorian tech enthusiast with a background in computing and UI/UX design. He created Caring Creatures to exemplify his belief that entrepreneurial ventures can successfully merge business viability with meaningful societal contributions. This initiative serves as an example of his belief that one does not need to amass massive personal wealth before thinking about engaging in philanthropy.


Make every purchase count.

We pledge to donate 50% of our profits to the charity that our community elects. To facilitate this transparent process, we leverage blockchain technology. Our supporters can acquire tokens, empowering them to have a voice in these pivotal choices and directly influence which charity benefits from our donations. This is how we make every purchase count.

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